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May. 8th, 2007

There’s a girl listening to songs in languages she doesn’t know
with the hot beats and sultry voices
while she’s willing herself not to eat.

But at night it’s hell, without the music to escape into
it’s just her mind and body alone,
and she’s drawing red lines in places people don’t see,
on top of the bones she’s aching to be.
She’s getting dizzy and weak, but she
keeps saying,
“Just another pound”
“Just another day”
And everyone’s watching her fade away.

No one knows yet, but she’s got a scrapbook
of those skinny girls in the magazines.
She hopes she has what it takes to be like them,
pretty, oh-so-sure of their worth,
and looking like skeletons evicted from their graves.

They’re in control she thinks, as she’s losing hers.
She’s being eaten alive by a disease that’s made up of little voices in her head…
and it won’t stop until there’s nothing left.

Cat Owner 101

Do not allow your unfixed female cat outside if you do not want kittens. That is all. Thank you.

The best jewelry you could buy this year


If you can afford it, please buy one. Part of the proceeds go to funding AIDS research.

Kick me again, why dontcha?

I read my ex's lj and realized that despite him covering his whole life on there, there's no mention of me. Not as a friend or a grrlfriend, or anything. There's nothing there. He says I was the best thing that ever happened to him, but if that's true, I'm also his best kept secret. I don't know what to think.


Dear mother,

Gay couples have as much right to be affectionate in public as straight ones. They're not flaunting their sexuality, they're doing what most couples do in public. And their kid won't become a fucked up adult because they're queer, even if his 'rents have no other redeeming qualities, they obviously love eachother, and that's never a bad thing. I'm so sick of knowing when there's a queer couple in the same store/restaurant/building because of that disgusted look on your face. Imagine for a second that my father was a grrl and you had to deal with looks like that, just for being with someone you loved. You wouldn't tolerate it and they shouldn't have to either. Also, because I'm bi, everytime you make a rude comment/look like that/sigh as though they were harrassing you/actually leave a store because you simply can't deal with the existance of same sex couples, you're insulting me. You're insulting my grrl. And then you wonder why I'm so irritated at you. It's not ok to act like this. And it's not ok that I fear physical violence from you if I came out while living here.

Your bisexual, genderqueer kid,

Light to Unite

I'm sure alot of people have heard of this already, but I just saw an ad for it tonight and it's a really wonderful idea. Please light a candle at https://www.lighttounite.org/ and pass this on to your friends.

Poetry, anyone?


Here's a link for anyone who's interested in my friend, Spookie's, book. It's very good stuff and I wish I had the money to buy it at the moment.

Welcome to My Life

I promote alot of stuff you might not like, a quick overview is below.

I am:
bi and proud
pro-sex ed and teaching kids that masturbation is the safest form of sex
against most major religions
self styled Pagan
concerned about the environment

If anything in that list pisses you off, don't bother reading this journal. If you agree with me about any of those things and want to friend me, let me know by commenting on this entry.